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Hon. Fadipe Ibukun Ishola | Executive Chairman OSUN SUBEB wish you a happy christmas

BENEFIT OF CHISTMAS TO THE STUDENTS, TEACHERS AND PARENTS.Compliment of the season many happy returns of the day prosperous, harm onious and life more abundance to you good people of Osun state, especially,the teachers,students and our parents who are stakeholders in the administration of schools. It is my pleasure to address you today by appreciating GOD for giving us the grace to witness another christmas which i believe would be celebrated in grand style by the mercy of God.The festive season ushers in a cascade of joy and warmth and nowhere in this spirit more palpable than in the celebration of Christmas within the hallowed of schools especially during our days.Beyond the glittering decorations and vibrant festivities,the obersavace of Christmas in educational institutions brings forth a plethora of benefits that extend far beyond the season itself. Christmas Celebrations serve as a vibrant tapestry weaving together diverse cultural threads.Students,regardness of their background,participate in the festivities,gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the custom and traditions associated with chirstmas.The cultural exchange foster and environment of intclusivity nuturing a sense of unity among verious background. preparation for christmas event often invovles collabration

among student,teacherand stuff. from crafting decoration to organizing performances, students engages in creative pursuits that not only enhances there artist skill,but also fuster team work.Then collective spirit of creating a festive atmosphere in instinls a sense camaderie encoraging students to work together toward a common goal.During this festive period, The rool of education must be obsevered which mainly provide a platform for nation buliding through shared expreiences,students form lasting bonds with their peer and teachers.The sense of belonging that arises from these communal school culture, reinforcing the idea that school are not just places of learning but also communites the nurture personal grouwth and support.Lastly, celeberation of christmas goes beyond the superficial geitter and sparkle it is mulitifaceted experience that enrechers the educational jornrey

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Our Objectives

Providing free, Universal Basic Education for every Nigerian Child of School age
Developing in the entire citizenry a strong consciousness for education and a strong commitment to its vigorous promotion
Reducing drastically the incidence of drop-out from the formal school system
Ensuring the acquisition of appropriate level of literacy, numeracy; communicative and life skills
Preserving and complementing the existing educational structure, bodies and agencies for the purpose of realizing the Board’s mission; and Carrying out the policy guidelines prescribed by Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) and other relevant agencies as approved by the State Government.
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Formulate Policy Guidelines

Formulate the policy guidelines for the successful operation of the Universal Basic Education Programme in the State.

Support State Capacity Building

Support State Capacity Building for teachers and managers of basic education in the State.

Co-ordinate Teaching & Learning

Co-ordinate and supervise teaching and learning in Public Primary Schools and Junior Secondary Schools in the State.
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