Our Achievements

All Repairs of utility vehicles

Osun SUBEB Achievements

Improved Delivery of Quality Education

  • Recognition of the need to stamp out the deterrence effect of out-of-school children.
  • The standardization and monitoring of rate of pupils/students success in basic schools JOINT STATE and BECE Exams, which improves (by ------%) due to increased provisions in terms of infrastructural facilities, consumables like Furnitures and instructional Aids, Continuous Quality Assessment monitoring, Retraining/Refresher Courses for Teachers - addressing implementation of appropriate curriculum contents, encouragement of participation of other stakeholders in the management and provisions utilities in schools, and monitoring of school Learning processes and extra-curricular activities from elementary to upper basic classes/levels.
  • Improved schools environment and conducive learning conditions for effective pedagogical practices and extra-curricular activities become a standard reference point in most schools in the state.
  • Provision of Equitable and Gender Balance educational support Amenitieson schools.
  • Basic Education School sports competitions and presentations of scintillating Awards to all winner participants contribute to Innovational Education Development in the state.
  • Promotion of Agricultural practice and activities at Basic school levels through provisions of supports in Agricultural Implements, Crops productions, Animal husbandry, etc.
  • Continuous Supply of ICT Equipment and materials to school to promote teaching of ICT and Data processing curricular.
  • Enhancement of EMIS Centre for timely processing of Educational Statistics.
  • Continuous Supply of furniture Items to basic schools for learners and Teachers.
  • Promote and support Self-help projects in all LGAs.
  • Regular attention given to Teachers CPD training.
  • Regular provision of customized Instructional materials to basic schools.
  • Monitoring of progression of Basic School graduands to senior secondary education segment.
  • Promotion of world model learning processes ; e.g. establishment of Model Smart School in Osogbo using hybrid learning mechanism for primary and JSS classes.

Repairs of Utility Vehicles

Vehicle Number Department
OS 02 B41 DPR&S
OS 39 B41 QA
OS 04 B41 SMO
OS 31 B41 DPP
OS 01 B41 DSS
OS 66 B41 POOL

Fixing of Parts

  • Procure LEOTYNES for vehicles used for monitoring & services.
  • Procure 10 Batteries.
  • Servicing oils & filters, brake system, pads sling.