About Osun SUBEB


ESTABLISHMENT: The Federal Government intervenes in the provision of Basic Education through SUBEBs in all the States of the Federation. The Federal Government uses two percent (2%) of its Consolidated Revenue Fund for Basic Education and disburse this through UBEC Abuja to SUBEBs in the States. For any State to benefit from this fund, criteria were established which States are to fulfil. The UBE Act 2004 provides for the establishment of a National Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) at the Federal level, the State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) at the State level and Local Government Education Authority (LGEA) in each of the seven hundred and seventy four (774) Local Governments. Hence, UBEC coordinates the implementation of the programme through SUBEBs in States and then through LGEAs in Local Governments.

STRUCTURE: As said earlier, the structure of State SUBEBs is derived from the provisions of UBE Act 2004 that provides for the establishment of a National Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) at the Federal level and mandated each State to establish a SUBEB by enacting its own enabling Law as well. Osun SUBEB Bill was passed by the State House of Assembly in 2005 and also signed into Law by the then Governor Olagunsoye Oyinlola on 15th August, 2005. With this SUBEB Law2005, Osun SUBEB was established as well as thirty (30) LGEAs and Area Office. The composition of the Board of Osun SUBEB and those of the LGEAs made Osun fulfilled one of the criteria of UBEC to be accessing its due allocation of funds from UBEC.

Thus, a fully decentralized structure was established for SUBEB at the State level and in all the 30 Local Government Areas and Ife East Area Office.

Presently, Osun SUBEB has all the full structures on ground at the State Level and in all the LGEAs across the State. Each of the Departments is headed and consisted of Professional Officers from various Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) such as Education, Accountant-General’s Office, Auditor-General’s Office, Public Service Office (PSO), etc.

FUNCTIONS: SUBEB, by Law, coordinates all the Basic Education activities in the State, including management and administration of Elementary and Middle Schools (9-Year Basic Education).

It accesses the State’s allocation of funds from UBEC and implements its utilization for infrastructural developments, Personnel Training (Teaching and Non-Teaching), Instructional Materials, Social Mobilisation and Basic Education Quality Assurance activities, Specialized Subject Trainings from International Donor Agencies through UBEC, Annual School Census Activities , Special Project Interventions, etc.

There are two (2) main categories of funds that SUBEBs access from UBEC:

  1. Conditional Grants: These require States to provide 50 % of the fund (Counterpart fund) to get additional 50% Matching Grants from UBEC for utilization at a given ratio on ECCE, Primary and Junior Secondary School Education levels.

  2. Non-conditional Grants: These do not require State’s fund. UBEC disburses equal funds to State SUBEBs for specific projects like Teachers’ Professional Development Fund (TPD), Self Help Project fund for educational imbalance communities, Special Education Fund for children with Special Needs, Almajiri Education Fund for non-formal out-of-school children, etc.

To continue to access these funds, the structures of SUBEBs and LGEAs have to be in place as stipulated by the UBE Act 2004 and State SUBEB Laws.

Our Vision

The Agency will harness all available human and material resources to empower and motivate all stakeholders for the effective inculcation of permanent literacy and numeracy in all children of school age.

Our Mission

To consciously create an enabling environment that will inspire a coherent strategy to produce a result based implementation of UBE tenets in Osun State.

Scope of SUBEB

Programmes and initiatives for early childhood care and education, Six-year Primary Education, and three (3) years of Junior Secondary Education.

Department & Units

  • Finance and Admin
  • Planning Research and Statistics
  • Schools Establishment
  • Schools Services
  • School Mobilization
  • Middle Schools Affair